Golf Holidays at La Manga Club Spain

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When it comes to golf in Murcia, Spain, it goes without saying that the La Manga Club was always an inseparable element to the whole sport. The resort is situated on a 1400 acre land which separates the Mediterranean to the Mar Menor Sea, a place of historical and cultural value as well. The golf course offers three professional Champion Courses, each 18-hole and each with its own special twist and challenge to keep the player intrigued. Even if someone visits the resort for other luxuries and finds themselves to be fascinated or just curious about the big offer the resort has, one can visit the resort’s golf store to purchase necessary equipment. Equipment such as golf clubs and golf bags or even clothes. These are available so that no one misses out on the opportunity to play if they want to. If you want to grab your golf gear before you leave, stop off at your local golf store.

The close proximity to the Mar Menor Sea makes the resort an absolute dream for water sports such as surfing, parasailing, wind surfing and more. The nearby Marine Reserve further enhances the opportunity for water related adventures, as the scuba diving facilities available are one of the best in the whole of Europe.


For accommodations, the renowned Las Lomas Village, a 4 star resort, is located on the La Manga Club Sport and leisure resort. The resort offers golfers to accommodate themselves, and this is ideal for large parties of people because everything is available at their doorstep without them having to leave their comfortable resorts.


For golfers, an easier option is available in the 5 star Felipe Hotel. This hotel is situated right next to the award winning golf resort. The hotel houses 195 extraordinary suites with views of the golf course itself. For entertainment, the La Manga resort offers the Ampoala restaurant, a signature location of the whole resort. The Ampoala serves Europe’s best Mediterranean cuisine and the Piano Bar, another one of La Manga’s finest, offers a blend or tapas and cocktails that truly represent paradise on earth. The executive suite is what golfers should opt for, as the finest view of the golf courses are available here from this truly ideal spot. One can sit back and relax with a drink in his hands and look down on their favorite sport being played. These executive suites not only offer a fabulous view, but present a terrific interior furnishing; all available in the comfortable yet spacious 45sq feet area.


For leisure, the resort offers its world renowned, award winning three golf courses, tennis courts of class unmatched, horse riding and all general sports. To relax after a quick or long game of golf, golfers can visit the indoor swimming pool to cool off and even visit the spas and saunas, to let go of all the worries and stress they carry from when they are not on vacation. Golf itself is a therapy, and only to build on that therapy, the fitness centers are available. To relax and enjoy to the max, while you are here!

Night Life at La Manga Club Spain

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Just imagine the sun going down after you just had the most amazing time in the pool with all your friends. You feel a bit famished even after lunch at one of the most luxurious restaurants at the La Manga Club, you look around and see a non-stop party all around you. It’s as if the Club has completely gone anew and brought with it a wild part just for you.

Rock That Party:

You have got a discotheque to jam out and dance the night away to, or a selection of bars to quench you of any thirst you might have. Do not be surprised to see the Si bar completely changed from what it was in the morning- a quiet family friendly restaurant to a wild, fun and sensational party all through the addition of a Piano Bar. We have guest appearances from legends such as Brian Chapman or if you get the right night you might even see a Marilyn Monroe or two. Do not be frightened, theme nights are designed to enrich the entire experience through your creativity so you can have more and more fun. Itis really all about you having the best time of your life. The transformation of the bar takes place at 10 PM and continues on until very late into the night. So dance, drink and party the night away!

The Larca Lounge:

The Larca Lounge too takes a change and is transformed into party, all with the addition of yet again a Piano Bar. Dance, drink and get lucky in the party environment where everyone seems like a friend. It is to be noted however, that children are not allowed after midnight and swimwear and shorts are not allowed after 7pm.

Mulligans all the way:

The Mulligans Bar is sure to draw everyone’s attention with its draughts and spirits specially prepared for the nights frivolities. Enjoy all of these in a nice environment, complete with a huge TV screen for all your sports viewing needs. So if there so happens to be an important match, join your friends for an epic viewing experience. Or if you want matches of your own, get on over to the game area for darts, pool or board games. Anyone under 18 will not be allowed at Mulligans after midnight.

Even if you’re in the mood to really party it out, head on over to Spikes Music bar, undeniably one of the most visited spots at La Manga. Spikes Music Club is in the La Plaza area so you will find yourself in a grooving open cosmopolitan environment. With live dance music playing almost every day and coupled with a DJ to rock the house, you will wish for it to never end as you dance, drink and have the time of your life, completely in synch to the jamming tunes of Spikes Music Bar. Just note, any individual under the age of 18 will be asked to leave the premises and would not be allowed entry after midnight.

Property at La Manga Club

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The La Manga Club resort is one of Spain’s biggest and most luxurious clubs, with services that are unmatched. It includes an award winning 18-hole Champions Course golf course and its prime location stretches out in 1400sq feet between the Mediterranean and Mar Menoa Sea. This close proximity to such waters allows for sea sports and adventures to be available, such as scuba diving, parasailing, jet skiing and more. If a resort visitor needs living accommodations, the four stars Las Lomas Village and the ever grand 5 star Principe Felipe hotel are the places to try. Residents who are regular visitors at the La Manga Club can even purchase property in the Las Lomas Village

The Las Lomas Village

The Las Lomas Village is situated at the La Manga Club resort and is home to magnificent apartments and suites; property of all kinds, which is perfect for parties looking to invest in luxury property. The unique feature about the Las Lomas Village is that each building is designed with such expertise that every building is a part of the bigger picture of the village aesthetic, the designers want to give. The whole place is like a huge, luxurious village, and it’s marvelous. Residents will benefit from the available sports facilities such as golfing, horse riding, even cricket and will even have places to relax such as the sauna rooms and specially crafted spas.

Examples of Available Property

The Villas of the La Manga Club are its most prized possessions. Situated at the highest possible height at the club, the available villa overlooks a gorgeous view of The Mediterranean Sea and isn’t that far from the beach itself either, just a five minutes drive. The villa itself has 3 bedrooms, 3 baths and a swimming pool. Other than that, it has a laundry room, storage room, dining hall and a living room. All rooms are fitted with wardrobes, kitchens, a terrace and a garden. A garage is also available with ample space to park your cars. Property owners are truly blessed by the godsend weather at the La Manga Club because of its location at the Mediterranean. The weather is pleasant all year round, so a vacation doesn’t have to be planned according to the weather at the La Manga Club; it can be taken whenever. Residents are also provided the 2000 sq feet area of the spa and resort, which tends to fulfill any physical or spiritual need.

Town House

The Las Atalayas I is a luxury complex which is also brand new. The complex holds 2 bedrooms which are designed to perfection and the blessed weather of the Mediterranean only compliments the gorgeous building. Other than that, 3 baths are available, not one but two communal swimming pools and even parking spaces for resident’s needs.

The town house is designed to look as if it is a piece of cultural and historical artifacts; a piece of European history was thought and built into this magnificent example of a marvelous architecture You are bound to fall in love with this place once you visit it. So next time you visit Spain, don’t forget the La Manga Club.